FW 1991
The Navajo of North America are wise to be weary of the practitioners of the darkest of black magic known as Skinwalkers. These people gain their powers through profane rites culminating in the murder of an immediate family member. Utilizing animal pelts they take on the shape and natural abilities of any animal they desire, the most common being coyotes, bears, cougars, owls, & ravens. Skinwalkers can be identified by the peculiar way they move as it is said they’re never able to perfectly duplicate an animals gait. Their animal forms are larger and more powerful than any natural animal and It is said that the eyes do not glow or reflect light like a real animals. However, while in human form their eyes glow like smoldering coals. They can mimic the voices of others and often lure their victims into the dark of night by imitating a loved one. Traditionally a shaman or medicine man is employed to ward or battle against these creatures, though those seeking to personally arm themselves against them use bullets dipped in white ash (some unconfirmed accounts claim that silver also works).
Photographer unknown
Michele Lamy
Igualada Cemetery by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos, photographed by Josep Maria Torra
House on Bohlgutsch (1956-57) in Zug, Switzerland, by Stucky and Meuli
By Isabel Bigelow
Vlada Roslyakova, Rick Owens WISHBONE S/S 2007
Rick Owens RELEASE S/S 2010
By Joost Vandebrug
The first garment from Ferragamo I actually can stand
"Cold shoulders" David Hammons, 1990
A.F. Vandevorst F/W 2012
Source unknown

Designer Rick Owens embarks on his first-ever furniture exhibition with his “Evolution” show in London, 2009
By Tamotsu Yatō